General rules

  1. An online retreat is supposed to be in solitude of the participants with observance of mouna (complete external and internal silence). Breaking off mauna is allowed only during private online meetings with the Master, as well as in the format of asking questions to the Master in writing form via Telegram and WhatsApp messengers.
  2. It is recommended to exclude activities related to work or business. Also you should turn off connection with the outside world, for which you need to get a separate SIM card for communication with the Master and disconnect from other contacts.
  3. It is not recommended to consume any information other than what is given in Satsangs and in private online meetings with the Master. Specifically, it is recommended to put aside books, magazines, and exclude Internet resources and gadgets. You can listen to music recommended by the Master using headphones.
  4. It is recommended to prepare the space in which the online Retreat will take place (it should be clean and uncluttered).
  5. The Online Retreat involves showing respect to all participants in the Online Retreat and calm resolution of controversial situations. Aggression and conflicts in the space of Telegram and WhatsApp messengers that cause inconvenience to other participants of the online Retreat are not allowed.
  6. Communication and discussion in Telegram and WhatsApp messengers between participants of the online Retreat that are not related to the topic of the Retreat and do not relate to technical issues are not allowed.
  7. Secluded walks in nature, in a park or forest are good practice.
  8. It is not recommended to eat tamasic foods during the online Retreat - meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, onions, garlic. You should keep to the food recommended by the Master and Organizers.
  9. For the entire online Retreat, exclude the use of aromatic products - perfumes, antiperspirants, aromatic oils. Free your body from ringing elements, namely, take off earrings, chains, rings, watches, etc.
  10. Keep your body clean. Avoid tight and synthetic body materials and wear fresh, light and comfortable clothing.
  11. The participant, having read these recommendations for going through the Retreat, gives consent and bears responsibility for completing the retreat by clicking on the link to a closed online channel in telegram. These rules are advisory in nature and are carried out by the participants upon their readiness, under their full responsibility.

Meditation technique

  1. Before joining the broadcast with the Master, participants prepare a place for online meditation in advance according to the instructions sent by the Organizers via Telegram and/or WhatsApp messengers.
  2. Before meditation, you must carefully read all the instructions for online meditation; following them is mandatory.
  3. Connection with the Master happens through the Telegram messenger or the Zoom platform, or VK calls. The organizer will notify participants in advance about how to connect to the broadcast with the Master.
  4. When connecting to an online broadcast, the Master’s image should be the main one on the screen of the participant’s device. The sound on the participant’s device is turned off, meditation takes place in Silence. It is possible to turn on calm music and put it on repeat. It is necessary to keep still and be attentive to the image of the Master. After having completed  the body can take a position according to the instructions recommended for online meditations with the Master.
  5. Latecomers should tune in to the image of the Master on their own and immerse themselves in meditation according to the instructions for online meditations. Photos of the Master will be displayed in Telegram with a link to the channel about the Master.
  6. Staying in meditation can be as long as the participant’s body allows. When the impulse towards completion arises, the body slowly and without sudden movements rises from the meditation pose. Each participant quits meditation independently according to their own sensations.