General rules:

1. The retreat requires participants to keep mouna (complete external and internal silence). Speaking is allowed only during Satsangs and in private meetings with the Master. Satisfaction of the personal needs of the participants happens through the expression of needs in writing to the organizers of the Retreat.

2. The use of gadgets that distract from the mauna is not allowed. If the participant wishes, mobile devices can be handed over to the organizers on the first day of the Retreat and returned on the final day of the Retreat.

3. It is not recommended to consume any information other than that given during Satsangs and personal meetings with the Master. Namely, it is recommended to put aside books, magazines, studying news feeds, etc. You can listen to music recommended by the Master using headphones.

4. The retreat involves showing respect to all participants of the Retreat and calmly resolving controversial situations. Aggression, conflicts and noisy behavior that causes inconvenience to other participants and interferes with the Retreat are not allowed.

5. If they are present at the Retreat with minor children, parents are responsible for ensuring that the children do not interfere with other participants during the Retreat - do not make noise, do not run, or distract from the mauna.

6. Compliance with the internal rules of the retreat center and respectful attitude towards the staff is mandatory.

7. It is prohibited to consume tamasic foods during the Retreat - meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, onions, garlic. You should adhere to the meals provided at the retreat center.

8. For the entire Retreat, exclude the use of aromatic products - perfumes, antiperspirants, aromatic oils. Free your body from ringing elements, namely, remove earrings, chains, rings, watches, etc.

9. Keep your body clean; avoid tight and synthetic body materials and wear fresh, light and comfortable clothing.

Rules for Meditations:

1. The place for meditation in the hall is determined once during the first meditation and does not change further. The participant remembers the location of his mat in space and goes to his place each time.

2. Participants come to the meditation hall in advance and prepare a place for themselves. In such a way that when the Master arrives, all participants will be in their places, ready to accept the Gift of meditation in the Light of the Supreme Grace. After the Master appears in the hall, it is forbidden to move around the hall and make noise.

3. It is forbidden to enter the hall after the Master has entered. Late participants should go to their place of residence, tune in to the Master and immerse themselves in meditation.

4. For meditation, the retreat center provides a mat, pillow and blanket. For convenience, each participant can take their own familiar things with them (a softer rug, extra pillows or a blanket). The organizer does not guarantee individual convenience for each participant.

5. It is forbidden to move around the hall during meditation and leave the hall until the meditation is completed. If there is an urgent need to leave the hall before completion, the participant should do this as silently as possible, without disturbing others or disturbing the meditation.

6. After the Master’s signal about the end of the meditation, the participants leave the hall silently, without creating noise and without touching the bodies of other participants, because meditation for the rest continues. Each participant comes out of the meditation independently according to his own feelings.